Thursday, September 17, 2015

Michelle in South Korea

Michelle and Tom are on vacation/touring South Korea. If CNN reports an American shot at the DMZ tomorrow, it will no doubt be Michelle who wandered off to find a restroom.

So here's her food report:

Part of learning the culture of a country is certainly to eat their food. Here are two meals we had

The first picture are little dishes of veggies locally grown close to a temple we went to yesterday. The guide likes to call it Temple Food or Monk food.  I don't know where the bony little fish enter the picture but that was our protein.  Have to admit, Pat, I ate very little. The greens were really bitter and the few dishes I liked had to be shared. But, no I haven't lost weight.

The other dish is Bibimbap that was served in a very hot stone bowl called a dolsot. It was another veggie dish served with a soft fried egg on it. The guest is to mix the dish until everything well combined. It's pretty yummy.

Today we go up to the DMZ. Hopefully you won't be reading a story  of me or Tom!

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Barbara said...

Reminds me of 32nd Street and Broadway!