Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Postcard from Korea

Michelle writes:

Today we followed MacArthur's Incheon Landing Operations. I told someone that I really didn't know much about the Korean War. I think we may have had 1/2 page devoted to it in a history book. We did have someone who fought and didn't have anything (nothing) nice to say about the General. After our quick history lesson, we headed for Chinatown in the city of Incheon.

Chinatown is full of Koreans who were born in China but moved to their families' homeland. They brought their interpretation of Chinese food. Like most of the Korean food we had, the main courses were accompanied with lots of condiments. 

Michelle continues:

They presented us with a plate of shrimp with mushrooms and sweet and sour pork which is in the next email. We were asked to choose between fried rice and black bean noodles. I picked the rice and Tom the noodles.

Here's the picture of the sweet n sour pork and with a better shot of the shrimp dish.


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