Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Korean Abalone & Scallops

Today, we visited the Seoul Fish Market. We purchased seafood at the market and had it prepared at a local restaurant. We picked out some beautiful large sea scallops and extra large shrimp, some fresh abalone and a single octopus.

Here's a picture of the abalone which was grilled (I think) and served with a sesame sauce.  Abalone is so expensive in the United States, we never see it on a menu anymore. I think the last time I had it was at a Chinese wedding many years ago. So, I enjoyed every bite since it will be my last for a long time. 

Every time, I pass a Shell Oil station, I will think of the yummy scallops we had. You'll notice a ring around the scallop part we normally eat -- it all tasted the same. I think they just make it pretty for us in America.

Didn't want to make you sick. We did eat a live(yes, still moving) octopus. Apparently, it's quite a delicacy in Korea. Don't think I'll do it again.

Pat says: I could not eat an octopus, live or otherwise. I remember this Puerto Rican woman telling me how they eat octopus as a tradition on New Year's Day and how you buy the octopus live and she stuck the live octopus in the boiling water with a lid on it and how the octopus was able to take off the lid and attempt to climb out of the pot. Such a vivid horrible mental image...

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Mary said...

I've only had abalone twice but I didn't like it