Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meanwhile, back in DC

Fran writes:

Mary sounded the alert that Clyde's was having its Lobster Special. So what else could we possibly do but sit down to a delicious lobsta dinner. 

Mary had the traditional dinner and I tried what they called lobster pot pie --large chunks of fresh lobster over the most outstanding mashed potatoes ever. We were forced ;-) to have dessert - dolce de leche ice cream (3 scoops) for Mary and a giant fresh peach cobbler (1 scoop of vanilla ice cream) for me. Yum yum yum

I'm with Fran here. I am too lazy to eat a whole lobster; too much like work! This one does have giant claws.


Mary said...

They had done most of the work for me by cracking the claws and splitting the tail. Yummy...

Barbara said...

I'd do the lobster pot pie -- sounds delicious and he isn't looking at you.