Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So Nice to Have Clever Coworkers

In a klutzy move today, I somehow put the heel of my hand down hard on my glasses and realized I broke off one of the ear pieces. I asked Doug, the man who sits next to me, if he had any Crazy Glue. I was going to attempt to fix the glasses so I could wear them.

Doug didn't have glue, but said he'd fix them for me, but it wouldn't look pretty. I said I didn't care how it looked as long as I could wear them. He fixed them while I sat there, so thrilled to have someone else fixing something of mine.

When he gave the glasses back to me, I did a double take. I was expecting a big glob of tape or something but here's how they look:

You can barely see the tape, and it held all day, and now into the evening. I can even bend the ear piece to fold up the glasses. I kept thanking Doug, telling him how clever he is, and his attitude was like "calm down, I just taped them." But, of course, the point was how well he did it.

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