Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shout out to Marilyn

Marilyn has been helping me for three or four years now. Currently she comes twice a month for three hours at a stretch. She does all my errands -- bank, post office, dry cleaning, trips to thrift store for donations and a host of other things. We also declutter, clean out drawers, and simplify things. I totally trust her judgment on anything. She is simply the best. She is the hardest working, most cheerful, funny, smart, insightful person you could imagine. As they say in letters of recommendation, "I recommend her without reservation."

On a personal note, we also enjoy each other's company -- well, I hope she enjoys mine as much as I enjoy hers --  and enjoy our conversations about everything from world events to celebrity gossip. So today Marilyn was here -- and it is such a treat for me on the weeks she is coming to dump clean laundry on my sofa awaiting her arrival and master folding skills. And yes, I am this lazy that I sit and chat with Marilyn and watch her fold my clothes.

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