Monday, February 11, 2013

Anybody Watch 48 Hours on Saturday Night?

I need someone to tell me how it ended as I fell asleep watching it. It was the murder of an upper middle class couple in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Solid citizens, everyone loved them, no one would want to see them die. They were in their 60s with two grown children, a son and a daughter who adored their parents, etc.

As the show progresses, the fickle finger of fate started pointing toward the son. He had financial problems, a not so good alibi, etc.

It is at that point that I conked out. It could have gone either way -- that the son did it or else 48 Hours was just sort of playing with us and some other deep secret was unearthed. I thought I could watch it on On Demand, but for some reason, it's not part of On Demand.

I suppose some day this summer I'll catch it again in reruns if no one knows.

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