Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Much to Report

Two unrelated items on my mind:

There should be a phrase for that moment when you surrender to the fact that you are NOT going to watch that Netflix and should return it unfinished. I have had a disc since January 31 (I checked my queue) and I didn't really enjoy what I watched but then, of course, I believe that in some magical way I'll put it in again and enjoy it. So now the red envelope is ready to be mailed back tomorrow.

There's some fairy tale about a pot that never empties. I don't remember the details but I recall that for some reason the porridge or stew or whatever was in the pot never emptied. Last week I bought a new bottle of liquid dish soap because I had about 1/2 inch left in my bottle. I swear I keep using this almost-empty bottle and it never empties. I even tried to speed up the process by using it to wash my hands, but there's still soap in there and it appears as if the level is not going down.

This is all possible, of course, because I have an unopened bottle under the sink waiting to be deployed. If I had no replacement, the soap would vanish in one use. And yes, I am too che...I mean thrifty to not use up the old stuff down to the last drop.

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