Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barbara's Wall

Let me live in a house at the side of the road -- well, at Barbara's home, you won't forget. She writes:

I dug around and found a photo of my bedroom wall in CT that has all the samplers of "Let me live in the house..." -- and a couple others that are house themed: "Dear house you are really very small just big enough for love that's all." I've acquired most of them from flea markets including the big one in German which I always forget what it means. The wall also has some family pieces -- the pink flamingo's were made by my grandmother, the very small petit point of the windmill is my great aunt Anna's, my mother did the "Be it ever so humble" sampler, and the cartoon-y lion I made when I was about 12. (I guess this also gives you an idea of how happily cluttered I live.) Welcome back! 

I think it looks very homey -- like a room you'd want to sit and read a book in. With a cup of hot chocolate. I know someone who speaks German so I'll get a translation. I know LIEBE is love, but don't know therest.

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Mary Mc said...

It's lovely!