Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ground Hog Day

I didn't hear the verdict from the Ground Hog, but flipping around I did watch a bit of what just may be my favorite movie: Ground Hog Day. I have always loved Bill Murray and I've seen bits of this film dozens of times. I typically don't stop to watch the entire thing, and didn't today, but I love this movie. Also in my top 3 is Shawshank Redemption. I don't know what my third would be. I also love the ending of The Way We Were. Cry every time.

It's clearly still winter here -- in the 20s in NY here. I am driving to Ohio on Monday so I'm glad that (knock on wood) that nasty white stuff (nasty if you're driving; lovely if you're inside with nowhere to go) is not in the forecast.
Meanwhile, in DC, Mary sees signs of Spring:
Mary says: The green always looks bright against the drab leaves and earth

Close up of a daffodil
I believe this gardenia blossom in inside.

Mary says: It's only February 2 but things are starting to look like spring. Here's a hyacinth pushing up out of the ground. Don't worry, all the bulbs do just fine even if it freezes after they appear.



Mary Mc said...

The gardenia blossom is outside, at the base of my front steps. There are actually two buds! I can't wait to see them in the spring.

Anonymous said...

ps - Ground Hog Day and Shawshank Redemption? They seem a little....different. I would not put Ground Hog Day in my top 10.

Pat said...

Funny but I thought Shawshank and Ground Hog Day are similar -- both about the strength of the human spirit and also about redemption.