Monday, February 18, 2013

Mary Pictures

Mary labeled this "tough life" in the subject line of her email, and I thought oh no, someone lost their job, has a horrible disease, some tragedy has befallen someone I know etc. I was happily surprised when I opened it and saw who exactly has a tough life:

This weekend, the lyric to a song from many years ago popped into my head. I only know this one line:

Lazy bones, sleeping in the sun. How you're going to get your day's work done?

So now I've googled it and it's an old Hoagy Carmichael song -- here are the full lyrics:

Lazybones, sleeping in the sun
How you 'spect to get your day's work done?
Never get your day's work done
Sleeping in the new day's sun

Lazybones, sleepin in the shade
How you 'spect to get your cornmeal made?
You'll never get your cornmeal made
Just sleepin in the evenin shade

When 'taters need spraying I bet you keep praying
The bugs fall off the vine
And when you go fishin, I bet you keep wishin
The fish won't grab your line

Lazybones, loafing through the day
How you 'spect to get a dime that way?
Never make a dime that way
Never heard a word I say

Mary's refrigerator died after a short illness with all the usual murmurings and worryings about a replacement. But it was delivered yesterday -- a side by side -- and here's the new appliance:


Mary Mc said...

ooh I remember lazy bones - who sang that? It wasn't Hoagy I heard sing it. Was it in a show of some sort?

Mary Mc said...

Leon Redbone sings it here...

Mary Mc said...

Here are Bing and Louis singing it

Barbara said...

Just like beautiful Milo, my cats were lolling in the sun this afternoon in NYC also!