Friday, February 8, 2013

A Journey of 1000 miles...

Travel with me as I try to get home. I am leaving my client today at 3 pm and drive from southern Ohio to Northern Ohio. So today the NE weather doesn't impact me. I am trying hard to not obsess. I am totally prepared physically (and prepared about 75% mentally) to just stop anywhere along the route if necessary.

The plan is to go tomorrow from Ohio to Allentown, PA. The snow is supposed to stop in NY around 1 pm on Saturday. I spend the night in Allentown (arriving there approx 4 pm) and then go from Allentown to NY Sunday morning.

My two worries right now are the last two hours or so of Saturday driving, and getting from the rental car place home on Sundayt.  Sunday is supposed to be totally sunny. It's quite possible that this is a messy drive, but not a dangerous one. I can honestly say I won't do dangerous. I'm too old for that. With my computer, phone, credit card, I am pretty much self-contained. I had even brought extra underpants and clothes I haven't worn. However, no boots, but I do have good gloves and a really heavy winter coat. And a snow brush thing that came with the renatal car.

So stay tuned and throw some good thoughts my way.

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Melissa said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Stay safe! As much as you will be disappointed if you can't get home Sunday... Better to be safe!!