Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Made it to Ohio

I swear I have gone through every weather -- from warm, sweaty, sunny to freezing and snow flurries yesterday and today. Yesterday I didn't wear a coat, sat outside, had the a/c on in the car. When I pulled into the hotel last night, it had just started to rain and was very windy. I could hear the rain hitting the windows which made me think it was icy, and sure enough when I got to my car this morning there was icy slush on it. I drove through snow flurries for about 10 minutes, and all day it alternated between being sunny and being totally overcast. Now I wish I'd brought a warmer coat as it's going to be in the 20s tonight, but in the 40s during the day. I have a light windbreaker and then I brought this sleeveless outer jacket that zips. I don't have to be outside -- just walking from my car to the building so I'll survive.

Just three pictures today -- the  scenery is the same as yesterday. In this first one, I was getting drowsy so I pulled off and bought a lemonade at Wendy's which I have to say I would recommend -- hadn't tried it before-- and I sat in the parking lot to drink it -- and caught movement in the parked car next to me only to see this guy:

This is one of my landmarks -- about an hour away from my destination -- a farmer's field with the sign that says HELL IS REAL.

This is one of two chains where I stop to use the facilities. Typically it's a gas station with a convenience store filled with horrible junk food (and that's a lot coming from me), the kind of 64-ounce travel coffee mugs, the world's tackiest gifts (think crystal unicorns) --oh darn, I've blown the Christmas gift surprise -- in this one, they had those sleeveless flannel shirts that country men wear -- what are they about, anyway? It's flannel, but it's sleeveless. In this one, the PA system announces "Guest Number 47, your shower is now ready in shower number six" -- I always look around to see who is headed to the shower. Oh yes, lots of beef jerkey for sale too.  Really ugly "patriotic" type gifts. I think I like these places since it's the polar opposite of my own life, and it's a world I don't get to see. I don't mean that in a snobby way as I'm sure these folks could come to New York City and find a lot to make fun of.

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Barbara said...

The dog was the highlight today!