Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday when I was getting my mani/pedi, the radio station host changed from "80s weekend" (hey, no wonder I knew most of the songs) to this woman who has been around forever named Delilah. I swear she's been on the radio 30 years. A little of Delilah for me goes a long way. She is one of these people who speaks in low, sultry phrases punctuated by pauses. I don't know if she's local or syndicated, but she sounds something like this:

If your snuggling with your honey tonight...................... or just by yourself...............I know we're going to play some music................that you'll really's Delilah with you..............all night long.

It was getting on my nerves, and finally I said to Marianella that this woman has been around for years and she can be annoying and so she and I started doing our Delilah impressions... I'd start with....

if you're alone tonight.........

and Marianella would chime in with

don't worry I'm with you.........

We kept at it. We were so amusing each other and saying we should have our own radio show together and then I had this idea to have bilingual Delilah sisters and I'd say something in English, and Marianella would repeat it in Spanish. All this while the real Delilah was doing her thing in the background.

I know it sounds dumb, but we were laughing so hard we were crying. It even makes me laugh now.

So the point of all this is that feeling -- a physical feeling of having laughed so hard -- has stayed with me today. I believe I've read that some sort of chemical in unloosed when we laugh and I must have unloosed a lot. The times I have to be silly like this are so rare, and I wish it happened more.

My friend Lane is struggling now taking care of her ageing parents while trying to maintain a career, be a newlywed, etc. While her mother was in the hospital (and now in a rehab hospital), she said she needed to find some recipes that are easy to do for cooking for her father and her after they've spent the day at the hospital.

I told her my ultimate easy recipe which I learned when Stephanie was cutting my hair in her shop years ago. Trust me on this one... It is easy .... and delicious. So I told Lane about it and when she called me tonight, she said she tried it and everyone loved it.

Here goes:

Put two chicken breasts in a pan. Pour on a jar of salsa, any salsa,  your call. Bake for an hour or so.

The salsa mixes with the chicken juices, making this wonderful sauce that looks like something you've actually made. It really is good over rice. Throw in a handful of bagged salad and you're done.


Mary Mc said...

We have Delilah here, and you've captured her beautifully. I listen for a few minutes and then have to turn it off. Hi Tiffany. Tell me what you're thinking tonight. Well Delilah, my boyfriend and I had a fight, and I'm wishing I could tell him I'm sorry. He's my best friend and I miss him. Can you play something to tell him he's everything to me? Oh Tiffany, I know you'll feel like this is a terrible time, but I know you'll get through it and your love can be even stronger. Here's x singing something just for you. Of course, you'd have to include all the pauses you guys did.

Anonymous said...

You retaught me that easy recipe...thanks! As I recall, at the end, weren't you supposed to add some type of shredded cheese on top and cover for a few minutes?

Pat said...

Mary captures Delilah -- her program is about people calling in with their heartaches and then she picks a song for them.

As for cheese on top of the chicken, I don't remember that, but why not?

Melissa said...

Ah yes... Delilah is all over the place... And I concur with everyone here... You have all hit the nail on the head! Love that chicken recipe too!