Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I've been confused all week as to what day it is. I have no natural sense in my head of which day it is. All week, it's felt like Friday and I disappoint myself when I realize it isn't.

I ordered dinner tonight and had no housework, no laundry, no nothing I had to do. I had left my glasses in my bedroom and so I couldn't read and so I decided to just sit. Which I did. Eventually, I put my head back and fell asleep. When the buzzer rang, and I couldn't have been asleep more than 5 minutes, at first I thought I was in bed and it was the phone, then realized it was the buzzer, but thought I was in bed, then realized it's the buzzer, get up and answer the door. All of that in one second.

It was a nasty day -- blowing, wet snow. Now there's about two inches of snow on the ground so I am equally confused as to which month it is.

Marilyn, my helper, came today and we switched out summer and winter clothes. I had nothing to throw away, having done that with the two pair of pants and the top last week, but I did have a shopping bag of thrift shop stuff. One is this top which may actually be stylish, since its relatively new, but it's part knit, part material and the material needs ironing which, of course, I never do and think somehow the wrinkles will come out by magic and when I reach for it, it's too wrinkly to wear so to the thrift shop it went. Maybe someone who likes to iron will find a great shirt.

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