Monday, November 19, 2012

Doomsday Prep

Now that I've survived Sandy, I was thinking this is a good time to think about the next event and get a bit more prepared. One thing I didn't have was a battery radio. When I was in Ohio, I got one of the Red Cross-approved/sponsored emergency radios which runs on solar, battery and hand crank. It also can charge a cellphone and is a flashlight. I haven't read the directions yet so it may do more.

For years I have been thinking about having an emergency cash supply, but I never wanted to take any sizable amount of my money out of circulation. What I decided to do is -- I normally go to the bank twice a month to make deposits and get cash to use. I was thinking that if I took $20 for my emergency cash fund each time, it would be painless and the reserve would grow quicker than I think.

There seems to be some fear in the air about some catastrophic event, and I'm not ready to stock military meals or whatever, but I do think I could make some basic plans. During Sandy, I was telling someone that I  have an outdoor space so I could always make a fire outside. This person suggested I could buy a camping stove. I don't think I'm ready for that level of preparedness, but it's something to consider.

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Barbara said...

I set up an emergency cash fund at least 5 years ago, after we had a power outages during which ATMs did not work. Lately I've wondered if the cash in the wall will evventually get too old to use, and thinking to myself that it is silly to keep it there. On the other hand, I am glad I have a great emergency LED lantern that lights up a room and promises to last for days.