Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last Night in Ohio

One more day of work, well, until 3 pm tomorrow, and then it's heading back home. Actually this isn't my last night in Ohio as I'll sleep near the Pennsylvania border tomorrow. The highlight of Friday, other than heading home, is lunch out -- as opposed to eating in the company breakroom. We traditionally go to a place called City Barbecue where you get a sandwich of any number of meats. I usually get pulled pork, but we were chatting about it today and the chicken was strongly recommended. They have all sorts of choices of BBQ sauce to put on. Then you get two sides. I usually get corn pudding and cole slaw, but they have hush puppies, baked beans, mac & cheese and others. I also like the pickles they have.

I was listening to two separate audio books on the drive out and I'm also looking forward to starting those up again on the way home.

Nothing much else to report. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some photos of lunch.

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