Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted!

I was planning to go out to vote around 11 and then meet Barbara for lunch at 12:30. I was hoping that was enough time and it was. What's sort of ironic is that I vote in some sort of Mormon neighborhood house -- I don't know what you'd call it. When I got there, the place was jumping. I had brought the postcard with me that I had received in the mail to show where my polling place is which proved I am a registered voter.

Unfortunately they couldn't find my name. I said that was odd since I have voted regularly and have not moved in 20 years. So I had to fill out an affidavit and then a paper ballot. I have to say it took full concentration to fill out the affidavit. I was a bit disappointed as I don't believe absentee ballots are actually counted, unless necessary, which I don't think mine will be in a state as blue as New York. But nonetheless, I'm glad I voted.

Here are the photos:

But first, I noticed this must be the first garbage pickup since the hurricane. The curb was lined with it.

Close up on the garbage. It occurred to me that paper recycling is in clear bags and everything else for recycling is in blue bags. I don't separate it that well. I put all recycling in the clear bags.

This is my polling place -- some sort of Mormon facility.

The front door to polling. A good thing about this (for the general public) is that it is totally handicapped accessible since it's new construction -- no steps whatsoever.

If you vote for Romney, is your vote counted twice here?

I was given two pieces of paper -- the affidavit and the ballot and a pen and sat at a table and filled it out.

It was quite cool today, but sunny, and we'll have to see what happens tomorrow as a major storm is forecast, including snow.

Late fall on East 87th Street

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