Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wrapping up the Weekend

I've been thinking how nice it has been to have some slow days of puttering around. I am not a big shopper these days, so I wasn't battling it out at the malls, but I am thrilled with two purchases I made this weekend.

I never used to buy in bulk -- simply because there's not much room in a NYC apartment to store things, but I have gotten into the habit of buying big packages of paper towels. I'd rather find a place to store them than to be constantly lugging them or running out. So the 10-pack was on sale -- reduced from $19.95 to $9.95. I love it. I love admiring the store receipt where the full price is noted and then at the bottom there's MINUS $10.00 in red. Cheap thrills, I know.  What's appalling is that the store makes a profit even at half price.

My other bargain was Progresso soups, which is my typical lunch. I had a supply, but this weekend the price was reduced from $3.79 to $1.99 so I stocked up. Now my one shelf looks like a Progresso soup commercial where all you see are the soups.

On to other topics. Just talked to Stephanie and the crisis of the day is she realized she packed Macho's health certificate along with other papers which are all now on a moving van. She has to show the health certificate for the airlines. So we're hoping that the vet will reissue one tomorrow. Of course, it's always something. Stephanie and Danny now have one bed which they are giving away and two folding chairs which she borrowed. Flight is Tuesday. Macho is confused and doesn't know what the heck is happening in his little world. Just wait until he realizes he's going to the vet tomorrow.


Mary Mc said...

poor Macho - I hope he adjusts quickly once he's settled into his lovely new home! So many things to get anxious about, I hope everything goes smoothly for them all.

fran said...

Sending Stephanie and Macho peaceful thoughts as the moving adventure begins. The vet may recommend a mild tranquilizer for Macho-not to mention his human companion! It'll keep him from getting stressed out. He's quite a resilient little fellow, Angelina told me so.
Thinking of you and awaiting word about your journey.
All best, Fran

Pat said...

Stephanie had told me she is getting a tranquilizer for Macho so maybe he'll be lying back thinking cat versions of "wow, look at the colors."