Monday, November 14, 2011

My favorite candy from long ago

Got an email from Miles Kimball (long-standing catalog company in Oshkosh). I remember my mother receiving the Miles Kimball catalog in the days when catalogs were few and far between. Anyway, the email was pitching "nostalgic candy" so, of course, I had to go look.

And there it was: my girlhood fave!

I am so freaking old that I remember buying these for 5 cents. If it was warm outside, the taffy was soft and chewy. And if it were cold outside, the taffy would be hard and you'd put it in the palm of your hand and slap it down on a table and it would break into random pieces. I have to say I liked all flavors equally, and I can still taste that fake banana flavor.

So did I order any?

No way. I would fear for my dental work! I'm not taking any chances of having a crown embedded in a wad of half-chewed strawberry taffy.

Old age is a bitch.


Mary Mc said...

banana was definitely my favorite

Pat said...

I know, it might have been my favorite too, but I also loved that fake vanilla flavor -- hard to describe that flavor. Then there was an occasional need for chocolate... and strawberry.

Melissa said...

Yumm .. Banana and vanilla most definitely !!!