Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just one more...

I follow a wide-range of people on Twitter -- celebrities as well as friends/colleagues. A (female) colleague just Tweeted, "A friend of mine has this creepy baby for a week" with a photo attached. Of course, I had to click on and see the creepy baby, and I have to say I agree!

I wonder if this baby has had too much Diet Mountain Dew! This might be one of those babies who are simulators -- so you can see what parenthood is like - the baby cries, wets, you have to feed the baby and comfort the baby and a computer keeps track of how good a parent you are.

How'd you like to be a houseguest and come down for breakfast to see "Child of Chuckie" on the table??


Mary Mc said...

It must be a doll, right?

Pat said...

Yes, I'm quite sure it's a doll. I don't think anyone would publicly call a real baby "creepy" otherwise.