Thursday, November 10, 2011


Fireworks over New York tonight to celebrate that Stephanie's various tests for a recurrence of ovarian cancer came out negative, with no sign of anything brewing anywhere.

She has had to wait a long time to hear the final verdict and today was the day.

So we'll be off to Maz to celebrate and to have our farewell dinner together but how good to end on such a wonderful outcome.

In the meantime, driving back to the hotel today, I heard a female political commentator on the radio being asked about Herman Cain's reference to Nancy Pelosi as Princess Nancy. When I heard this last night, it just made me exhale -- not even a full-grown sigh, but it did bother me, especially coming from him. She said she calls things like that "micro aggressions of everyday life" and I loved that term.

Made me think of my guy at the post office who was so hostile -- and then coming back to my hotel room, my electronic key -- for the SECOND night -- didn't work. Last night, I thought it might be my fault although I am typically careful with keys -- had to go to the front desk to get the key changed last night. Tonight as I tried it, got the blinking red light again (and again, and again, and again), I went back pretty riled up to the front desk and said a bit gruffly that this is the second time this has happened. She had this non-reaction, thinking that if she simply recharged (or whatever they do) the key, all was well.

I said to her that the lock was obviously broken, and maybe she should report it. You saw this dim bulb in that mass of gray gook of her brain sort of flash and grow a bit brighter. NOW THERE'S AN IDEA!! So she found this piece of paper and a pen, and said, "Now what room is this?" and wrote it down as I walked away.

And my "Thursday out" lunch today was "Thursday in" where I'm working and we ate out of vending machines. I had a 1958-style "ham salad" sandwich on white, a bag of sun chips and a bottle of vitamin water. Work tomorrow and then head east in the late afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the grand send-off!


Mary Mc said...

What great news!! The best thing I've heard in ages - go Stephanie!!!!