Saturday, November 12, 2011

Forgot to complain about this

After I got my room key at this hotel, I remembered there was a drive-thru coffee place in the adjoining parking lot and I thought I'd get a great big iced coffee since I wouldn't have to worry about bladder control -- well, you know what I mean -- for a while, having finished driving for the day.

I say "large iced decaf with milk" into the microphone and out comes something that I couldn't even pick out words for -- was it the amount I owe? Was it "we don't have iced coffee?" I asked nicely for her to repeat it, and I couldn't understand it the second time either. This was not about static, it was about saying slurred words too fast. So I drove up to the window, and apologized nicely for not being able to understand her -- so then I ask her (nicely)  for "one sugar" and she scolds me -- says how she had asked me already if I wanted sugar and I didn't say I wanted it. She was begrudging me a sugar packet because I didn't ask for it at the proper time -- according to her schedule. JUST GIVE ME THE EFFING SUGAR, YOU IDIOT.

So I said, "I told you that I was sorry, that I couldn't understand you." She hands me my change and six packets of sugar. What's up with that? Normally I would hand the extra five back, but I figured we had discussed the sugar long enough.

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