Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Night

Not much to report. KNOCK ON WOOD that my computer problems seem to be in the past. Did laundry, puttered, got groceries, napped, watched junk TV, did a bit of work-work, finished my one book and started the new Stephen King book on time travel and the JFK assasination called 11/22/63.

This book is really long -- and I remember holding in contempt kids in grade school who complained about how many pages a book they had to read is. Me, I have not selected books based on their being too short... how good can it be if it's that short?

But this one is 850 pages, and sitting there simply holding its heft made me think once more about buying a Kindle. Especially now with the price reductions. I learned from Karen on Thursday that when you download a book from Amazon, you get the first few chapters free and only then are you asked if you want to buy the rest of the book. That service could save me a lot of money in itself since my patience for reading a book I'm not particularly enjoying has been reduced to almost nothing.

Mary is in Pennsylvania and sends along these two photos:

This is Mary's niece Laura and nephew Scott's baby Gwyneth.

This is grand-nephew Derek and grand-niece baby Gwyneth looking like a pink mummy.

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