Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy, Sad Evening

Stephanie and I had our farewell evening together at Maz Mescal, and we had a fine time. The time was made better when the restaurant owner came by at the end of the meal to say the entire meal was on her. And, of course, we had then to regret that we only had one drink each and decided to skip dessert. Just kidding (not really).

Neither Stephanie nor I enjoy protracted goodbyes, and I suggested we say goodbye at the table and then out on the street, we would simply do our normal goodbye. She was all for that. Well, of course, when it was time to actually do that, I got all teary -- you know when if you open your mouth to speak you know you will start crying? That's how I was. So we sat there, not looking at one another for a minute or two for fear both of us would start the waterworks.

I tell myself (and Stephanie) that this is a happy moment -- it's not like she's going to Tibet or prison where I'd never see her again. But change is hard. No one has cut my hair but Stephanie for 25 years (I know, I sound like a pampered princess) so I'll miss that. I know Stephanie is going on to another chapter in her life which will be enjoyable -- a whole house to herself (and her husband) after a lifetime in apartments-- and her own swimming pool too!

We need to summon up all our positive thoughts, helpful angels, etc. for Tuesday, November 29th -- that's the day Stephanie and Danny are flying to Florida -- no problem there -- but they are bringing Macho the cat with them on the airplane. The airline's rule is that the cat and its container can weigh no more than 20 pounds and let's just say Macho came by his name honestly. People (including the vet) have told her that the airline (I'm not going to name them out of paranoia) does not weigh cats, but you never know if you'll come across some eager beaver who is a stickler for the rules. Door to door, the cat will have to be in its carrier for seven and a half hours. Oh my. I told Stephanie tonight that Macho will make it to Florida, one way or another. So let's just hold to the possibility that everything will come off without a hitch.

And here's to Stephanie and her new life in Florida.


Melissa said...

Farewell Stephanie! I'm sure Macho will make it ok! And thanks to this terrific blog, we will be able to hear about your adventures I hope! 25 years is a long time, but miles don't dilute true friendship - and the less frequent visits will be extra special!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa. And, a special thanks to Pat who has been a true friend and confidant for so many years. It is just so difficult saying good bye to so many friends, family and acquaintences (sp) that I have become so fond of through the years.
Pat holds a special place in my heart...I have to pause as I am now crying....
As much as we have wanted and waited for this day to come, I am moving with a heavy heart. Macho will be so confused with all the space he has to run around in.
As for you Miss Pat, I hope you will visit when you are in Tampa. Perhaps you can take an extended vacation and spend some time with me and Karen. We could have a girls outing or two.
Thank you Pat for being my friend...I love you!


Mary Mc said...

Bye Stephanie! Here's to many years of joy in the sun and lots of visits from Pat (and maybe I'll join her too sometime). I really enjoyed finally meeting you. On to your next adventure, for you and for Macho too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mary. It was a pleasure meeting you too. It would be great if you and Pat would visit. I will be looking forward to news from the girls on Pat's blog!

Lots of love and happiness, Stephanie