Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Forgot to mention

When I left on Monday, the little table in the apartment building hallway -- the one where I left the Halloween candy as my random act of kindness -- had something on it. I sort of squinted and realized it was one of those crepe paper turkeys -- you know with the baffles and the cardboard head? Then on the mirror above the table, there was a store-bought Happy Thanksgiving sign.

I know it was not the building management that did this because they never decorate, so I am hoping that the chocolate chip cookies I received that I returned with the Halloween candy motivated someone else to do a random act of Thanksgiving kindness -- or maybe it's my friend of the anonymous cookies.

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Melissa said...

I hope it was a 'pay it forward' random act of kindness! Actually that is a nice story! BTW, I think you should do something in you WIA column on why so many people NEVER answer their office phones anymore.. And often do not even check voice mail. They think.. Why would anyone leave me a voice mail rather than calling my cell or send an email!'. Drives me crazy!!! But I guess it shows my age!