Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking Care of Business

I often marvel at how much energy it takes just to stay in place. Took care of -- well, initiated work on -- three different things today.

First, back to the Affordable Care Act -- i got not one, but two late notices that I hadn't paid my premium. The invoice was mailed on January 2, and one of the reminders was 'printed' on January 3. The other one was a few days later. So I called and was reassured, once again, that I had paid.

Next, I had gotten a Netflix a few days before New Year's Eve that I know arrived. I had it in my hand in my living room, then took it downstairs to my bedroom where the TV is where it disappeared into thin air. At this point, all i can think of is that I accidentally threw it away. But of course I held out hope that I'd find it and finally gave up. Went to Netflix site to 'report a problem' and one of the choices was that 'I lost or damaged a disc and want to pay for it." It really is fair that I pay for it as I lost it. So I click that on, am told my credit card would be charged $14 which I thought was fair and was told that if I find the disc my money will be refunded. Fair enough. This whole process took (literally) five seconds and nobody yelled at me or scolded me and I didn't have to describe the layout of my apartment or tell someone my life story. I know, I know -- should have done it sooner.

Then I got my annual bill for my co-op insurance which goes up, up, up every year. The insurance is through Travelers and since I had the exact numbers in front of me I actually shopped it. I don't have that many choices as many companies won't do co-ops. So i called Geico which was about $30 less and I thought not worth changing for and then I called State Farm and it was about $300 cheaper so I'm going to call State Farm tomorrow to make sure I am getting the exact coverage.


mary said...

A good day's work

Anonymous said...

Good job! I have recently "MISPLACED" eyeglasses in a case, and about 2 months ago, a cute little bowl that I loved. It was good for small things like snacks, or my mini mozzarella balls from Sam's which are so delicious. It had so many uses. I cannot believe that I have thrown these items away. My brain MRI showed nothing (fortunately) but I have very low B12 which could be the reason for all my confusion.

Stancie said...

All our insurance is State Farm. Always been the best deal and have made good on claims. Only funny thing was when we got boat insurance they asked Mac if his wife would ever be driving:)