Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emergency Preparedness

After asking the editor permission, which I don't normally do, and assuring her that my feelings would not be hurt if she said no, I told her for my column I wanted to write about going to the ER from a hotel room and how I relinguished my own judgment way too soon. In somewhat a surprise  response, she loved the idea. Prior to this, I have thought about what I would take if I had to evacuate my apartment in a hurry. My computer is first WITH power chord. Then I start in on clothes -- how many underpants and the problem of having enough withou feeliing I need a truck to carry them arouned.

This week, Marilynn told me a crane collapsed on her street and hit a gas main and they had to leave quickly. They decided to go to her grown daughter's apartment with a husband and two kids in tow. She said it never occured to her to bring clothes. What? Luckily, they were able to get back in the next day.

Give some thought to what you'd take and where it is in your place in case an emergency comes calling. Here's the house on Marilyn's street wih the crane.


Barbara said...

I would take my two cats, one in each arm. Clothes and everything else can be bought.

fran said...

I've twice had to evacuate the apartment building for major fire, once at the office in NY for a bomb threat. Ever since, ive had following at the ready: Cat carrier (and cats;-), wallet (containing ID, cash/credit card and medical information), phone and keys. All except cats are in or near apartment door. You need to move fast if you want to stay alive. Forget about your bloomers!
For a longer term evacuation, like a hurricane or other disaster, disaster folks say we should also have certain items packed and ready to go-- including a flashlight, short wave radio, water and canned/packaged food. Change of clothing. Extra can(s) of gas. Emphasis on ready to go.