Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Snow Day Photos

I had to add one of my own -- and I opened the garden door and stuck my hand out. This is at 8:06pm and I thought the snow had stopped, but it's still coming down hard.

and staying in New York, we/ll go from the East Side to the West Side where Barb is out for a stroll so Boopers can do his bidness:
Below is the block by the Museum of Natural HIstory:

You can barely see Boopers in his little blue sweater right in front.

And now back to DC where Mary's screened in porch is being snowed on. I know all of the furtniture is indoor/outdoor, but I think of it more as another room, not part of the outside

What's this you ask? Well, Mary claims she did a snow angel and if we would only study this picture, we'd see it. As for me, I give her full props for getting down and doing an angel. I'd get down and I don't know if I'd make it up without a crane.

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