Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I dodged two big-time bullets today, and I am so grateful.

First, I splashed club soda on my keyboard... not two drops, not one dtop -- but enough so that a napkin I grabbed was soaked. Two hours later: absolutely no damage to the keyboard. I really can't believe it.

Then I interview this guy. He's squished me into his schedule and we do a formal interview for about 35 minutes. We hang up. I go to close the file. What am I thinking?? I happily click on "don't save" -- I don't know what the ef I was thinking! I'm crafting in my head how I explain my stupidity, not to mention having to redo the interview. It was semi-technical so I really couldn't fake it.

I had a vague memory of having done this before on a newer computer -- and played around just trying anything... then I see something like "versions" and the last version of this file was closed, but not saved, at 3:37 pm... then those blessed words, "Do you want to restore this document?" and I click on yes, and there it was in all its glory.

Only problm was it was a weird format -- columns, but I didn't give a damn... the words were there. I carefully saved it and when I went to reopen it, it was formatted normally. I feel incredibly lucky today.


Mary said...

You deserve at least one day of dodging bullets. It's about time you were rescued so easily!

Amy Laboda said...

I think it is a good omen for the new year. Go with it!