Friday, January 10, 2014

More Milo

Mary thinks Milo is after her money, but I think he's guarding her money for her.


fran said...

You have a kind heart. Living with cats will change all that. Many have ulterior motives. My Valentino, sweet as sweet can be, steals my jewelry, earrings especially, every chance he gets.I think he pawns them.

Mary said...

I love the image of Valentino in a pawn shop

Barbara said...

Valentino sounds like McCavity from T.S. Eliot! My cats are more prosaic - they will steal the chicken from my sandwich or the sushi from my plate, but they have never been interested in money or jewels.

As for Milo, I think he likes the purse because it has Mary's smell. From a human perspective, SMELL is much less interesting than MONEY, but for cats it is the opposite.