Friday, January 3, 2014

Pleasurable Christmas Leftovers

Three things remain to remind me of Christmas. First there is the leftover from a bouquet of flowers Amy sent me. The flowers were a beautiful lemon yellow -- sort of like flat roses if that makes sense --- and I put them in this purple vase with the greens that came with it. The flowers are gone -- but the greens remain. I have always loved that combination of kelly green and deep purple. I heard this past week that in feng shui you have to have something that's alive and I do notice that this vase of leaves brings a nice energy.

In addition to some soup making materials, Michelle sent me a copy of Double Down, which is the book about the 2012 election written by two MSNBC pundits. When I opened the present from Michelle, I didn't notice the inscription until a few days later when I picked the book up and was shocked and pleased by it. It reads, "To Pat-- MSNBC junkie and great American - All the best" with the authors' signatures. I am very impressed with this personal inscription as many authors won't do special ones so Michelle must be a good persuader.

And I don't know how this happened, but I totally forgot about those little chocolates that Barbara gave me sitting in their little box. These are salt caramels -- so good. When you put one in your mouth, you taste the few grains of salt and then take a bite and the chocolate and caramel mix with the salt. What a delicious combination.

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that's all so nice