Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

Nothing much going on.

Last night I was tearing a piece of aluminum foil and realized, once again, that the box had fallen apart. Am I too hard on aluminum foil boxes or does yours fall apart too?

My significant accomplishment today was to clear a horizontal surface about five inches high of paper, paid bills, etc. I can look at it, fascinated, for weeks. I equate it to a mini-hoard. I took everything off this table and sorted it -- recycling, paid bills, shred, keep and it probably took me under 10 minutes. I still haven't tackled the paper monster yet.

In fact, I was reading an article about just that topic and it said your first step is to stop the paper from even coming in by getting all your bills electronically. I love paying bills on line, but I also sorta kinda want that paper bill too.


Barbara said...

Me, too. The aluminum foil box always rips and falls apart long before I am done with the foil.

I left this comment yesterday but it was eaten by some cyberworm.

Stancie said...

Have you noticed tissues and toilet paper is thinner these days. Same brand less absorbency.