Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weird, but Good

I have built-in shelves, cabinets in my bedroom in this odd shaped mini-alcove and one of the features is a place for dirty clothes. There's a bin whose door pulls down and out like how a dishwasher opens and inside there's a metal basket for laundry.

So on Thursday, I pulled it open to put something in the laundry and the one side came off the hinge. I fiddled with it for a while, but it looked really broken -- the one side was literally separated from the built in, hanging down. I thought oh well, next time the handy man comes he can fix it.

Today I went to get the basket out to do laundry and I gingerly opened the door, pulled it down, and the hinge was totally normal. I felt like one of those cartoon characters where their eyes pop out of the sockets. It was so strange because on Thursday, I couldn't get the door to stay closed, and I just wanted it to look cosmetically good until I could get it fixed so it took me several tries to get that door to stay closed.

I looked at the fixed hinge, looked skyward and said "thank you angels" -- I really have no explanation for this. I know with 100% certaintly that it was broken because I saw it with my own eyes, but I remember also thinking "damn  it, it's always something." One explanation is that Ana (who came on Thursday) fixed it, but she is not handy that way and also she has no reason to even touch that cabinet door or use it to put a piece of laundry in. When she changes the sheets, she carries them to the washing machine.

Maybe it was easier to fix than I thought and it somehow snapped back in again -- I don't know, but it surely didn't look like that easy a fix on Thursday.

So however it happened, I am grateful it's fixed!

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