Friday, January 11, 2013

OMG! I'm in Style!

I hired a woman from Craig's List to come to my home for a haircut, and she has just left, and I really like what she did. Stephanie will appreciate I am probably the easiest customer to please, however. She suggested a bob, so I said OK. She said her mother has fine, thinning hair as I do and she gave her mother a bob and I figured she wouldn't do her mother wrong so it was fine with me. It's slightly longer in the front than the back, parted the usual way and it basically looks like a cleaned up version of what I look like.

As she's doing the styling, I said, "I should have a hot date for tonight" and she said "It's not too late to get one" and I thought, "yes, it is."

Amanda is 20 years old, sweet as can be, really delightful. She is Maltese (on her mother's side) and Dominican (on her father's side) so she has an interesting look. She is TINY. I couldn't resist and I said to her, "So you're the person who buys the pants that I see in a department store and wonder who the heck could fit into these."

She has worn size 00 pants. That's double-zero pants. Now she's gained some weight and she wears either size 0 or size 3. She claims she "eats like a pig" and has trouble gaining weight. Right now she weighs 94 pounds and wants to weigh 120. I joked that most women in the country would hate her for that problem. She said her doctor told her that -- that he's not used to giving advice on how to gain weight, but she is now drinking protein shakes between meals. Maybe in my next life.. I didn't think she looked skinny or anorexic, just petite. .

She told me she is designing her own line of hairbands and I asked about them and she said some were "hippie" headbands. This is when we were just chatting after she was finished. I told her I was her age in the hippie days and went and got my college yearbook from 1971 and she was absolutely fascinated by it. I told her she could borrow it, and she was thrilled. Really?? she kept saying.

In fact, if I never saw her again and lost the yearbook, I really wouldn't care. But we did talk about coloring my hair -- she wants to do mahogany which is fine with me. So maybe I'll call her again in a few weeks.

One funny thing about her age -- I asked her about why people emigrated from Malta -- her mother came here as a child. Was there some sort of revolution or were people just coming here for better opportunities?  I told her the super in the building is from Malta and she said there are lots of Maltese supers. That is such a New York thing... Greek coffee shops, Korean manicure places, Palestinian cigarette/candy stores -- and now Maltese supers.

Anyway, she said that her Maltese grandfather was a cook during World War.... and she hesitated... World War Two? World War Three? she asked herself aloud. Uh, sweetie, there was no World War Three. Not yet anyway.... but I didn't say that and she finally said, "Yes, World War Two."

Oh, and she was admiring her work when she was leaving and then said "You know, bobs are in style now." Oh my God. I'm in style!


Melissa said...

So where's the photo Ms. Pat! .... You're so tech savvy, can't you take a photo and post it!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, I have to see a picture of my competitions haircut! Photos from all angles tomorrow, pretty please.....Stephanie

Pat said...

I don't have anyone to take it, but I promise next time I'll document it and ask Amanda to take some photos.