Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PS to Yesterday

I heard a couple of times on TV about a YouTube video about a mouse and a college student, and I finally saw it this morning. A student had a mouse trapped in his wastebasket from his dorm room and decides to take it outside and let it go free.

The video starts with the student tipping the can over and you can see the mouse running out.  They are in a slightly wooded area, sort of an area you'd see beyond a parking lot. You hear the student saying, "good luck" and he calls the mouse by name (Whiskers) as the mouse scurries off.

The guy filming him asks him how he feels about setting the mouse free and, as he's answering, you see this big bird, like a hawk, sweep in and clearly take the mouse. The student who set him free says, "He didn't last five minutes!" I have to say it was pretty funny, at least to me.

Then the student goes on, feeling guilty that he sent the mouse to his death. That mouse lasted about 15 seconds in the wild. I had the image of this in my head all day, and it's made me smile.

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