Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scandal and Other Thoughts

Marilyn had asked me if I watched thiis TV show called Scandal, starting its second season. I'd never heard of it, and she said it's based on a real African-American woman in Washington DC who helps people navigate through scandals. She said you can get the first season via Netflix, so I added it to my queue and put it at the top.

Next thing I know, I got the Netflix email that I was going to get a DVD that was not Scandal and I thought that I must have screwed up. Then when I returned Into the Abyss, it said that Scandal was next on my list and I thought FINALLY! But then the next email -- the one that tells you what you're getting is a totally different DVD. So I went to the Netflix site, and noticed that yes, Scandal is at the top of my queue, but by it, there's the note VERY LONG WAIT.

Wow. I've never had that. I wonder how long a "very long wait" is. I guess this is one of those things where the show suddenly has caught on. New programs started tonight, but I want to watch it from the beginning so I understand the characters.


Melissa said...

Hummm I've never heard of it.. I have had a 'wait' before but I've never heard of a 'very long wait' ... Guess you'll find out!

Pat said...

A client today told me that his wife watches two shows -- Scandal and Revenge. I know his wife... in fact, her name is Melissa and she's a nurse so I trust her opinion.