Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Stephanie won't be surprised that I'm long overdue. Mary and I have often talked about how we're OK with our hair and it's growing and all is OK and then one morning you wake up and it's totally unacceptable and you want to rip it out by the roots.

I had some lo mein for lunch today and decided I hate water chestnuts. They are useless and tasteless.

I have had the window in my bedroom open for the past few days -- not a lot, but about one-half inch. It's been so mild that the cool air is refeshing.

I'm really enjoying this Ann Rule true crime book. The first story was about that couple where the woman disappeared one snowy night and the police suspected the husband who had some wacky alibis. They had two sons, and this is the one where, very sadly, the father, on a supervised visitation, barred the social worker from coming in his house when she came with the two little boys and then the father set the house on fire and the three of them died as the social worker stood outside frantically calling 911. The second story -- and I'd seen these people on Dr Phil about a year ago -- it took place in Coronado, California, and a 6-year old boy died from a fall in the house which no one could really explain. He was critically injured. Two days later, the father's live in girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony with her hands and legs bound and the police ruled her death a suicide which makes no sense. I've just started the third story -- I say "story" but these are all true crimes -- and it's an elderly couple who are found murdered in their home. They were wealthy philanthopists and there was no robbery so we'll see what happens there.

In the first story where the woman disappears, the police later find a safe deposit box she had in which was a letter saying if anything happens to her that her husband did it. She said in this letter if it looks like an accident, look at my husband. You hear about this frequently. What I don't understand is if you think your spouse is going to kill you, why are you hanging around? I don't understand why these people don't leave. She had a good job so she could support herself and her two boys.

My cleaning woman told me today that her daughter is pregnant -- she's been married three years. Of course, I remember this daughter as a little girl, but she has since grown up, gotten a master's degree, got married and now she'll be a mother. Ana's mother accompanied her today -- she's living with Ana for the time being and I was teasing Ana about being an "abuela" (grandmother) and I asked her what the Spanish word for great-grandmother is -- and I couldn't understand what she was saying. The first word sounded like "beeze" so I'll have to look into that.

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