Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Mother Theresa Story

Yes, I have a Mother Theresa story. A number of years ago, there was a homeless guy who hung out on my block. He was incredibly mean and would yell at people. I had a dinner guest once and when he arrived the homeless guy was sitting on the steps of my building and my guest took pity on him and said we should bring him out food so I put together this nice bag of food, including HOMEMADE WARM SOUP and we brought it out to him and he snarled at us and cursed us out.

That was enough for me... my chartiable ntoions about him were done.

Fast forward a few months and it was the day that Mother Theresa died... I'm walking home from somewhere, am on my block, and I see this guy. I thought Ok, in honor of Mother Theresa, I'm going to reach out to this guy, be nice to him, and so I bent over and said something like "Hi, how are you?"

This guy starts yelling, "Get away from me you god damned c-word!" Except he didn't say "c-word" -- he said the word.  As I walked away from him, he continued to yell after me that I was "nothing but a c-word" -- and I thought, "Even Mother Theresa would want to smack this guy!"

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