Sunday, September 4, 2016

Catoctin Orchard

This is a farm stand where Mary typically stops on her way home from Pennsylvania.

Here's today's report, and I have fruit and vegetable envy. I'd envy the "sweets" too if I knew more about them. I've been thinking today of my grandmother's rhubarb pie and how much I loved it and tried a few times to eat the rhubarb raw, not realizing the pie is like one part rhubarb to three parts sugar.

Mary says:

 I've gotten used to buying extra.  I gave a few to Jill and Fran promised to take some off my hands. Peaches, tomatoes and corn, my favorite summer foods, pretty little sweet peppers, some "old fashioned sand tart cookies", some streusel cakes.  Tonight I'm having a tomato sandwich with corn on the cob and a big peach for dessert. The sweets are going in the freezer (ate one on the way home). Boy that place smells like heaven.

LATER THAT SAME DAY, here's Mary's dinner:

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