Friday, September 23, 2016

A Feast Fit for the Queens We Are...

Barbara came over for our regular monthly luncheon and we splurged today; we abandoned Gracie's for a real restaurant and ordered LOBSTER ROLLS.

I gasped at the total, and Barbara said if I didn't want to spend that much, we could do something else. I said I was responding like an old woman to how prices have raised. I said I still expect to go to a diner, order a cheeseburger and soda... and Barbara said, "And pay under ten dollars." And she's right. So, I put my sticker shock aside -- OK, the total bill was $50 including tip but it was worth every cent.

I said to Barbara that at least this was delicious food for the price, and it really was... each component.

The lobster roll came with "hand cut" fries. Both of us thought they might be limp from being steamed in the delivery but they were actually crispy and delicious.

Nothing like fresh crunch cole slaw...

And the main course... lobster meat with celery salt, light mayo... other herbs and spices on toasted roll. It was worth the price!


Barbara told me that she played a game with herself... that if she passed Two Little Red Hens (the bakery) before 12:20 and there was no line that she would go in and buy cupcakes. Lucky for us, both conditions were met so for dessert, we had a carrot cake cupcake for her and a red velvet cupcake for me.

My red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting... as I said, we had a feast fit for the queens we are!

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Anonymous said...

everything looks wonderful! I saw a cooking show segment the other day that was carrot cake with a white chocolate icing. The reviewer kept saying trust me, this is delicious, but I am still just a little skeptical.