Sunday, September 18, 2016

further on hopscotch

Barbara sent me this...

By the way, I asked my sister Susan if we had a name for the hopscotch stone, because she has an incredible memory for everything.  She said WE did not have any special name, but she said that my mother played a slightly different game as a child in NYC where they called it a "potsy".  

I started googling hopscotch... potsy sounds closer, but I don't think that was it. Most of the sites just called it a "marker" which I know we didn't call it. I learned that hopscotch started with Roman soldiers who jumped while carrying heavy weights, and that hopscotch is played all over the world and most countries have their own name for it and variations of the hopscotch board. In France, kids call it "escargot."

I just emailed a friend from kindergarten who has an amazing memory. She'll tell me, for example, who sat next to me in 5th period English class in 9th grade.

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