Monday, September 5, 2016

I Got Off Cheap... in Retrospect....

When I was coming back into NYC from Vermont in July, two major highways merged at the toll booths for the Triborough Bridge into Manhattan. I was in the far left lane and the "cash" (as opposed to EZ Pass) booths were in the far right. There was no way for me to cross those lanes of traffic to  the cash lane -- I tried, but blaring horns told me to give it up.

The rental car has E Z Passs  on it, and as I pulled it to one of the EZ Pass lanes, there was a toll booth worker and I told him my problem and asked him if I could pay him in cash. Mumble, mumble so I gave up, knowing that I'd be paying for it. At the time, I thought the rule was that even if you used the EZ Pass once, you would charged a daily rate for each day of the rental.

I soothed myself by saying, better to pay that than to have an accident.

So today I opened my American Express bill and I saw the charge for $19.85. Not bad, and better than I thought it would be.


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I did something similar in the express lanes when we went to Tyson's Corner. I hate those express lanes and the whole area is confusing. My bill was only $12 or do. I think I'll get an E-ZPass.