Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Musings

I had ordered an 8-inch cast iron frying pan which arrived yesterday. I ordered it via eBay and it arrived in an Amazon box. What was surprising is a glitch. Correct frying pan, but there was a gift card in it that the frying pan was a gift from David L. Chen.

No, I don't know him. It's not surprising that with the millions of packages eBay/Amazon must do there are mistakes along the way... so thanks David L. Chen, even though I paid for the pan myself.

The first day of spring brought about four inches of snow. Some of which has melted today, even though it is very cold.

Tonight I'm going to make my filet mignon, with mushrooms, with baked potato. I had not purchased a steak from a grocery store in years, and I definitely had sticker shock. Think United Health Care would pay for my "medicinal" steak?

A life lesson I still am learning is that I am not alone with certain feelings of sadness, shame, embarrassment, etc. I was on the phone with Mary yesterday, at one point started crying, and she said something so funny that I am still laughing about it. Prudence prevents me from sharing, but it's funny how one sentence can make you feel as if you're not alone.

I sent out a bunch of "little" invoices today... had been procrastinating about it as if I am Daddy Warbucks with more money that I know what to do with. The little ones add up to a nice chunk.

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Melissa said...

I am so with you was the steak??? You know I am with you in more ways too 😞.