Thursday, March 26, 2015

Meanwhile, back in the Western Hemisphere

Brad and his family are vacationing in Costa Rica. I could probably name all the Central American countries, but there's no way I could position them on a map. You can find Costa Rica here (it's the green one) and they are driving across the country.

I had sent the family a guidebook, one of those laminated fold up road maps (the people on Amazon said that the roads in Costa Rica aren't named!) and a laminated fold up guide to what animals are there. His kids loved the animals one and talked about what animals they night see.

Brad sent me this photo which shows his son, after breakfast (is there anything better than outdoor breakfast in a tropical country??), taking the aminal chart and looking for a particular bird he wanted to see. I love to see kids who are curious, and so much better than having their noses stuck in an electronic device.

Brad writes: From our porch in our villa. Even has smoke coming from the crater!

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