Thursday, March 12, 2015

Progress on Two Fronts

I had gotten a letter from the bank that holds my mortgage (a form letter) saying that the building association doesn't have hazard insurance (whatever that is) and they have to provide proof that they do or else the bank buys insurance on my behalf and bills me. Really? They can do that?

Of course, voice mail messages went unanswered... and so today I refursed to leave a voice mail. I said I'm not going to just keep leaving voice mails that aren't returned. So blah blah blah... what happens is that I actually get my call returned. I don't want to be like that. I am not really like that, but I get sick of "oh, I was busy" or "I don't listen to voice mails" or whatever. So she claims she is gathering the paperwork and told me what info I need (such as my loan number), all of which I have so hopefully this big waste of time will get resolved.

And then there are my stairs... still unrepaired... to make a long story short, the man is supposed to come tormorrow before 12 noon so we'll see. I know I'll feel better when I don't have this visual reminder of a horrible night.,

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