Saturday, March 21, 2015

From shingles to olive oil

OK, so I'm sort of late to the whole olive oil thing but I also had sticker shock with the varieties of olive oil. I ended up going cheap -- Bertoli -- anyone have thoughts on this? I know olive oil purists would spt out Bertoli, but do I really need to spend $20 and up on a bottle of this stuff?

And does "cold pressed" matter?


Melissa said...

I guess I'm not a purist.... I buy Bertolli and it seems fine to me 😛!

Stancie said...

I think all extra virgin is cold pressed. If it smells fragrant it will be good. I think Bertollis is fine. Calamity always gets good reviews. We get a brand DeLallos and use both the extra virgin and light just have to be careful not to burn it. It has a very low smoking point.

Stancie said...

Meant to say Colavito