Sunday, December 28, 2014


I have an early memory of being at the beach, in the water, with a friend from second grade. The Long Island Sound could be as calm as a lake so we were in the water alone. She said to me, "Let's play seahorse princesses" and I had no idea how to play that. I was really never into the princess thing, or the horse thing most girls go through. It's funny, though, how enduring little girls wanting to be princesses are.

Here are two of Mary's grand-nieces carrying on the tradition although one of them is Cinderella.


Anonymous said...

Little girls are so cute.

Melissa said...

Yes! I think Anna and Elsa (frozen) will pass, but Cinderella endures!!

Mary said...

These are both the same girl, Scott's daughter Gwenyth. She lives dressing up.