Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lazy Saturday Thoughts

Got a big package of work to do from an existing client this past week so that's been reassuring. Wish it were something I could be excited about doing, but as Lane says, "Mr Paycheck is our friend."

I also bought two pieces of furniture this past week. Remember the homicide perpetrated on my sofa so I've been doing without for some weeks now. I have to say I've come to enjoy my minamalist room! Anyway I bought one loveseat in yellow-gold nubby linen and this loveseat that is in the "apple" color.

And here's the yellow loveseat that's in "goldenrod" color. Then I have an old-fashioned floral print on an overstuffed chair. I have better/more interesting throw pillows. I don't like the ones that come with this sofa -- looks like some 1960s redo, so of course they come free with the sofa... but I have others that I think will look good.

This is the first time that I don't have a sofa bed... I hate them, I hate putting sheets on them, I hate taking the sheets off, I hate the mess of them. So eventually I will buy a daybed for my smaller bedroom/office/laundry room.

That's the news from rainy New York City.


Mary said...

I like them both!

Melissa said...

Nice! They will look great in your apartment!