Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, again

I was disappointed last night that my guilty pleasure TV show -- the one where they track down the crappy construction guys was not on. That's the problem these days -- I don't know what's on, when it's on, or how long the shows are on for... Instead I watched this program on one of the History Channels about stolen artifacts and documents -- everything from Moon rocks, to the gun that killed President Lincoln, to an original copy of the Bill of Rights, etc. They give interesting stories about these items and offer a $10,000 reward for tips -- sort of like an America's Most Wanted for artifacts. It will be interesting in they find anything.

They had the guy who stole the Moon Rocks -- he actually worked for NASA  -- total amateur job but he got away with it for a while and spent 8 years in prison and is now out.

What struck me is how tremendously selfish it is to steal something for your personal collection. Oh, another thing was the Austin Martin with all the whizbang gadgets used in Goldfinger. It was stolen out of a hangar in Boca Raton.  This one had a revolving license plate, a passenger ejection seat -- really very cool.

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